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A simple command line tool, that processes a RSS feed of movie torrents, takes the good quality ones (based on the name) and checks IMDB for their rating. If it is higher than a predefined margin it downloads the torrent.


Version 0.6 online8.4.2010

  • Tested and built with Mono. Therefore it can now be run on Linux, Os X, Windows...
  • The configuration was moved to a .config file. Only the feedURL is left as the startup argument.
  • The App now actually tries to check if the found IMDB link really coresponds with the movie in the torrent.

Version 0.5a is out29.3.2010

  • The first public version of MovieSieve. I hope you will like it and see its potential.
  • For now let me direct your attention to the README file, where you can find all the important stuff about the app.



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